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  1. It seems to work now for some reason but i have no idea why... the modpack name is Tech It Up by the way, it's on the second page when you browse mods.
  2. Error downloading file for the following pack: Tech It Up Failed to download https;//ganinian.tonidoid.com/urlzc4tlh Could you help me try and fix this? i really want buildcraft with voltz this also happens with other mods so i'm not sure what's going on.
  3. Not sure why but it works now for some reason, just come back later if you get this then i guess.
  4. I worked it out, i just use 10 of these coal engines, i just need to keep a healthy supply of wood coming in. Though i don't know what to do now lol, there aren't really alot of weapons or explosives in this mod, when you have your quarry up and running you basicly win the game.
  5. I agree that there is not alot but to build your railgun, sentry guns and make one of each explosive. WICH is fine i might add, it's just a pain in the arse to manually get the resources, i'd like some sort of quarry or automatic mining machine.
  6. Well al'right, i guess i can test some setups in a flat map. Bummer that redstone doesn't work anymore though, the point of the quarry is to relax sit back and get free stuff.
  7. I've seen enough tekkit episodes where they play around with combustion and they explode valuable stuff next episode dispite being pumped with water. I liked it more when they were powered with redstone D:
  8. Hello, my question is about powering quarries and it appears you can only do so with constant attention to keep the engines from overheating, that is my problem, i don't want to pay attention and just lay back on my throne while this machine spews diamonds. How do i do this? I don't want to do anything with those dangerous combustion engines.
  9. when you start up the technic launcher go to voltz, under voltz you have option and right in the corner you have versions, scroll down till you see 1.1.XX Now i got it all fixed but now i dont know how to fire the bloody thing.
  10. Hey guys, i'm quite new to this mod and i'm loving it, apart that it's hard to get gunpowder and sulfer and i can't seem to be able to make me a plasma cannon. I use Launcher build 201 and voltz version 1.0.13 EDIT: i figured it out, how do i fire it? i got the module installed and i got max power.
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