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  1. i wanted to ask why my fps fluctuates and basically goes mad on voltz its goes from 10-70 up and down constantly anyone know why
  2. yh thanks i managed to do it but now i can add everything amd they game loads fine but the mod i added buildcraft for example doesnt load it just runs as normal without it and i dont get any error reports either anyone know how to fix this
  3. i don't know how to config the ids.i've tried it but it never works as when i try the mods never appear as .cfg
  4. i would like to know to because i want to use the quarry in voltz or can anyone config the mod the quarry is in and what mod the engines are in and then put a download link up so i could just download and drag and drop into mod folder
  5. guys i was wondering if steam engines are bugged or not the ones on my quarry stay blue and push slow but the ones around my pumps change colour from blue-green-orange-orange with red streak to red will it blow up if i leave it on to long
  6. once its complete cant u upload to technic webisite in the modpack section and post the download url here the one which u type in the launcher
  7. yh im pretty sure its the uranite after losing my server i made a new one and as soon as i went to y 12 i started getting raidated and whilst i was mining i found uranite very close by probably gives off radiation in a certain proximity
  8. anyway way would be find once it gets working could u let me know by pm that would be great:)
  9. i would love to have a pack like this and so would many others im guessing
  10. i thought they took out the latest version of voltz so there is no plasma cannon but i recently saw some people playing the latest vetsion so i updated and mods and everything loaded and when i clicked on my server just the background screen came up and at the bottom it said yes or no and i clicked yes and when i did my whole computer crash and my moniter started dying so i restarted and i dont know what to do
  11. umm currently i dont think u can because the dev ones got pulled just got to wait for a new patch
  12. im having a different problem i was running latest version of voltz and when they pulled it i lost everything but then i reinstalled everything including java and it then somehow allowed me to get all the files needed for the one i was using but the problem is i cant seem to load my map but i can make a new one but when i do make a new one i somehow am on 1 fps instead of my usual 60 on voltz and it shows a little box in the bottom left it says something mekanism: your running a outdated version of minecraft 1.4.7 (which i dont im running 1.5) and something about cpu and graphic issues
  13. basically i have a singleplayer server which was running the latest voltz modpack and everything was working great then the day 1.5 was released it stopped working and i asumed it was because of the new 1.5 but i re downloaded everything and had reinstalled java and the modpack started working but the problem is when i try to join my world it says building work loading and doesnt do anything but it allows me to make a new and play it.does anyone know what i could do because i spent so much time on my first one.or it could be because im a nub i bought my prem acc 2weeks ago :/
  14. i had it tooo before mine died but anyway if u have it installed on the latest version u need to hold shift and use the scroll wheel and keep it on plasma cannon then when its done just hold use item button
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