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  1. I had exactly the same problem and after a ton of digging it turned out that I just needed to update Java from version 6 to the latest one (7, update 51). After then making sure the older version was uninstalled, everything ran groovily.
  2. So this new permissions thing, are guests not able to place blocks or open inventories? Because those are both things that I do often while playing and the game is significantly more difficult without them.
  3. Aaaaaaand, it's gone again. Hope we really don't have to lose the mining age. Although all I had in it was a quarry, some tesseracts, and a little cobblestone house. Not too bad at least.
  4. We're back! Well done, Tub! I had a dream last night that I came back to the server and found that someone had accidentally submerged my entire dome in water. At least it had better machines and stuff in it in my dream.
  5. I don't use dimensional doors at all. Truth be told, I'm scared of them And I really don't mind about 100% uptime. That was mostly a joke anyway (no but furreal yall want mah processors?). I just don't like the idea of restarting fresh so often. Even at all, really.
  6. I actually have been getting a lot of freezes, hang-ups, and crashes lately. My machine should more than be able to handle whatever gets thrown at it, but Big Dig has been so finnicky, even in a single-player test bed I made.
  7. I really wouldn't like to start fresh again. Hard to invest time into building something that you know could easily be wiped out next week if another problem arises. Ks, why is the server so unstable? Sounds like you could use those Phenoms I'm selling Eh? Eh? Eh? :D
  8. Hot dog! Still getting an End of Stream error, though. I'll try again later to see if it's temporary.
  9. So I was hoping after the server came back up that I'd be whitelisted again and that it was just an issue with the server being wonky. Not so wot do EDIT: Also, if this is a related issue, aside from saying I'm not whitelisted, it'll occasionally say "Connection lost - End of stream" instead. Is that just for me or for everyone?
  10. I've been away from Minecraft for a while but the last time I was on, I was able to get on the Big Dig server. Now it says I'm not whitelisted. Did I enrage ks? :D
  11. Hey guys. Long-time Tekkiter, first-time caller. My in-game name is Ibeechu. 21/M/Michigan. I'm not banned from any servers. Various Michigan public parks are another story, but I digress. I've played Minecraft on and off for a couple of years using friends' accounts (probably logged nearly a hundred hours or so in Creative), but I never had an account of my own until, well, literally a few minutes ago when a kind Internet-friend suddenly gifted me an account! I've been interested in joining this server for weeks but, since I didn't have an account, I couldn't try to get in. And now, it turns out the first thing I'm doing after having my own account is trying to get in One of my IRL buddies is whitelisted in this server and was showing me the stuff he's been building (and the stuff everyone else has been building), and that's what got me interested. For months I've been craving a good old fashioned big Minecraft server experience, but I just didn't know where to start. I tried a Vanilla one that's run by a few of my old college friends but it wasn't nearly active enough for me. This one, though, looks like a ton of fun. Thanks for your consideration ~EJ EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention. One of the things I spent a ton of time doing in Tekkit was programming mining turtles to (nearly) completely autonomously build subway tunnels, and then wiring up display boards at each station showing the train status with a cute little dynamically-updating ASCII graphic. It was really cool. And then that server died :(
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