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  1. Thanks man. I did try that and they spawned just fine in the new world. I have no clue what was wrong with the old one. Also just a little off topic. Apparently my account was suspended for even asking about the mob spawn issue. Is there something they are trying to hide on the forums? Oh well I fixed the problem and I'am no longer worried about it.
  2. Hmmm... I dont run any plugins so I'am safe on that. Mob grinders? I would not know about that. I guess it's time I had a little peek at everyones stuff to see whats up. Would an excessive amount of zombie pigmen in the nether affect overworld mob spawns at all? I wouldn't think so normally, but I'am terrible with java so I have no clue how these mechanics interact with one another. I will go and check out the players houses and go searching for a while. If push comes to shove should I just delete the world and start it anew? Although the players might get a little annoyed, as things are now it can't get much worse. Without the mobs the players are starting to have a lack if interest =/ *EDIT* Also I tried the command you mentioned and the first thing it told me was it enabled it (not sure if that means it was disabled before?), and I would like to ask if the players having farms of cows and sheep might also be a reason. If so then that would be why because recently a lot of players have been creating some good sized farms of animals.
  3. Well i had mine on 8 before for 5.7 and it worked wonderfully. However I did take your advice and boosted it up to 15 for my 6.1, but it seems the problem is not fixed at all. I took a look around and found that the nether is fine with its mob spawns. no problems there, same with the end (i think, i haven't looked cause i haven't found it). It's only the overworld that is having this issue. Should I make an entirely new map? Im just unsure as to what I should do right now. People are still bringing this issue to me and I'am still noticing it myself.
  4. Seeing as this is a general thread for any questions concerning the update may I ask does anyone know why my server now spawns FAR less mobs? Literally we find more diamonds than mobs now and I set the server to its highest difficulty (3) and still we rarely find a single mob. Could this be a cause of the conversion from 5.7 to 6.1? What is going on?
  5. @Plow, Thanks for the info I will let the server know. @Steeled, I would appreciate it =) as of right now it's still not spawning mobs worth a darn.
  6. It goes without question. The title of the thread says enough. I recently updated my server from 5.7 to 6.1 and it seemed, for a while at least, that everything was going just fine. After a few hours of playing I happened to notice (as did many of the players) that over the course of a few hours of gameplay they had only encountered maybe 2-5 individual mobs. A spider here, a zombie there, but nothing more than that. I myself saw 1 spider and 1 enderman for the entire 6 hours I was online. With one of the new mods requiring so many enderpearls it goes without saying that the hunt for endermen is sure to skyrocket. However, the lack there of makes this a HUGE issue for my players. I have constant complaints about the shortage of mobs and was wondering if there was someway to bypass this problem. maybe there's a bukkit plugin I can use or am I doing something else wrong?
  7. No there should be no problems at all. I recently updated my server and have had little to no complaints at all. Although I'am very curious as to what was added (10 more mods but only found 2 new ones looking through it). So far though the biggest complaint I have been getting, and this is also annoying to me, is that even with the server on highest difficulty (3) mob spawns have become as rare as finding diamond =/ I can not tell you how frustrating this is because now finding Ender-dorks for pearls has become downright near impossible. Could this be something to do with the conversion of the world from 5.7 to 6.1? Because I have noticed a few out of place things. Strangely it was nothing that anybody had touched at all. I would be going about checking on the server and I would spot random patches of trees that for some reason had got covered by a volcano and were now dying. Maybe that's just part of the mod to expand every now and then, (?) but regardless the lack of mobs even at night is enough to give me some cause for concern.