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  1. Was playing in creative single player constructing a big reactor, as soon as I place a RedNet Port the game crashes. http://pastebin.com/aBz0Y0DJ
  2. i don't know if it makes a difference, but I copied the lib folder from .technic/tekkitmain instead and it works
  3. i was thinking you could always find more lava by using Mystcraft, or converting cobblestone in a magma crucible or lava fabricator though i don't know if that's energy efficient...
  4. why not use mystcraft commands? to make a random, stable Age and Descriptive Book, use this: /myst-create [dimID] /myst-agebook [dimID] or you could learn to write stable Ages the proper way. mod wiki here
  5. So, what is the ideal place for discussion regarding wiki formatting? will it have its own forum, or should i make discussion pages where applicable?
  6. i'm using *tekkit 1.0.6, which is what the launcher auto-selects as latest reccommended
  7. i'm playing single player. build craft waterproof pipes are not connecting to my liquid transposer or magma crucible, but conductive pipes are. had to re-configure the sides of most of my machines to get them charging again
  8. yeah, i got this with 1.0.5 just powering a furnace. http://imgur.com/a/W9rdR
  9. ah... i did find a dimensional door finally, covered by dense forest. there are actually leaves under the door.
  10. I haven't found any on the surface at least
  11. I've been using the seed -788587777 for my games, and in this mod pack i seem to be constantly surrounded by endermen, even during the day. what's going on with them? I also can't seem to kill them easily now, as they like to warp away at the same time I swing my sword. is there an enderman spawner chance?
  12. Title: Exception in world tick/Distribution Pipes Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 8 (amd64) version 6.2 Java Version: 1.7.0_17 Description of Problem: Single Player version 0.6.1 I was setting up diamond and distribution transport pipes in a pocket dimension and while configuring the distribution pipes i get "Exception in world tick" errors.i had just finished placing a second row of dist. pipes and configured them to evenly distribute out four ends and zeroed the return paths, and now when i try to view their settings it crashes. Error Messages: Error Log: Ti
  13. it's not blocking vanilla minecraft so it can't just be that it's blocking java... guess i'll make a post on the kaspersky forums
  14. I know Kaspersky IS 2013 is blocking technic because it all works when I disable it. but I con't figure out how or why. I've set the launcher as trusted and ran it as administrator, but still no connection. I think it might have to do with installing 64bit java after 32bit, but how would that cause a problem, and how could i fix it? aside from disabling kis every time... using launcher build 213 on windows 8 pro 64-bit
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