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  1. By far our most complex machine (if it can be called that...): posted in the Tekkit Classic forums: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/massive-rp2-powered-factory-the-megalith-facility.56404/
  2. There is almost literally almost nothing that this factory can't do, all thanks to total-automation with RP2. (R.I.P.) The outside design does the factory no justice at all, it's whats on the inside of this beast that makes it shine, have a look here! Things got crazier with our MKIII Tekkit Lite base and then the Captain Corp after that, but this was for sure the most complex thing we've ever built.
  3. I posted this in another location as well, but a good way to upgrade your server can be found here: http://themindcrafters.com/ as well as an "incomplete" changelog. Hope this helps
  4. There is an article and a video tutorial here that will tell you how to update your server to the new version of Tekkit Lite and also a changelog that lists most of the updates: http://themindcrafters.com/ Not trying to pulg, just inform...hope this helps!
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