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  1. I know and have all the requirements for producing the plants, like the ores, light level, etc., it's just that when they grew fully, i couldn't harvest them. My guess is tat it's what you said, Gavjenks. Good guide as well warpspeed. Thanks for the help, i'll re-post once i harvest successfully.
  2. I've been cross breeding on my SP world and server for a while now, and have gotten quite a few new plants that i've figured out just fine. I can harvest them, replant them, cropnalyze them, etc., with ease. However, I've just grown ferrus and what i believe to be redwheat as well, but whenever I right-click to harvest them, they don't drop anything, they just look like I've harvested them. I've done it quite a few times, so it can't just be a bad drop. Please help?
  3. The link is broken. Make a secondary one, maybe from a different site? SOunds good, i wanna play, but cant get the files
  4. wait, nvm, i killed myself and spawned in the right spot! all good! great map so far, btw. half way through
  5. Hi! So, i got the same exact spawn and inventory as Jiggins did. I realize that this is a new map and obviously everything isn't going to be perfect, so I'm still eager to actually play the map! where the heck is the spawn room in relation to where i spawned? i'll just break in and begin play.
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