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  1. seriously need to have its slots increased! just took me 5 hours to get online to be faced with "server is restarting in 1 minute" as soon as it says the servers back up its at 50/50 again :/
  2. im a pre release player and what ive experianced is nothing less than fantastic however needs more slots as i havent been able to join in quite a few hours :/
  3. it said server closed after kicking us off now its whitelisted ....
  4. Is there any estimated time for release? as everytime i open the page with the timer its reset back to 1 day 23 Hours 59 minutes 59 seconds i know this as ive checked for 2 days now with the same result ive left it to get to 2 hours as it said it would be released at 5 0'clock then i refreshed and it said the 1 day 23 hours 59 mins 59 seconds :/
  5. how do i change the text new to spawn (in light blue) it currently says ** "spawn- ERMAHGERD!!! NEW Hello Creeper!" please help! this pack has been epic so far to helping us setup our server
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