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  1. stomphammerz = superpickaxe its a perk for the MVP * Donation guys love it.
  2. jason3472323 You've linked us your LAN IP ADDRESS (thats the IP your computer uses to talk to your router) Only people on your home network can connect to you. Visit this page ( http://bit.ly/rXbYw5 ) it will tell your your WAN IP (WAN = External | - How other players can connect to you). (LAN = Internal | - Your brothers inside your home network can connect to you). To use your External IP simply change the setting in your minecraft server.properties to the following: server-ip= server-port=25565 Leaving the Server-ip= blank will always use your current IP since its mor
  3. Hi, Sorry I didn't read any of the answers below your post. First, I'm assuming you're running a 64 Bit OS (So you can see all 8GB of ram) in your system settings. Second, You're running 64 bit of JAVA 7 JDK. If those are both true.. to simply add more ram to your java launcher do the following. Open your minecraft folder Right click on launch.bat Cick 'edit' (Use notepad) I suggest installing notepad++ for all dev work on your server (http://download.tuxfamily.org/notepadplus/6.1.7/npp.6.1.7.Installer.exe) Change those settings to the following: java -Xmx7G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.ja
  4. Red Matter / Dark matter tools, weapons that bypass protection lands, dupes, and more. All the patches are available from the tekkit community standalone, but those files include everything @ Rokwarr, are you on linux? or windows? I had that issue with JDK 6 also, but JDK 7 fixed it all.. As for anyone else, if you're on linux make sure you chmod 777 the entire folder pack to read/write. ( Just in case) Thanks again guys.
  5. I thought there would be more hype to a server the is completely finished for the beginners :)
  6. Go to CMD Type (ON THE SERVER COMPUTER) IPconfig in the black window Look for IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : Or whatever yours is Have him connect to that "") Since its localhost hopefully he wont need the port open ( I dont think so)
  7. Hello everyone! First, Thank you everyone for your dedication and help over the past few years. Second, by releasing these files I hope that a bunch new tekkit servers get started... and take over the current minecraft...so lazy jeb_ notch will create the damned API and multi thread the main server thread!!! I've been playing tekkit for a long time, and minecraft even longer. Recently I've quit hosting hellocreeper.com since it has been under a 10gbps DDOS attack and I've been kicked off my dedicated host. As a thank you to the community I would like this send over A
  8. My Setup is this: Dedicated server running CentOS. I login remotely using VNC (I will try TightVNC tonight). While I'm on the actual VNC machine I try to run VisualVM from the localhost. The application launches perfectly except I have major Graphic issues (its blank until I click on stuff to update the screen) !! annoying. Finally, I see the tekkit.jar (in my case its renamed to craftbukkit.jar) I open the craftbukkit .jar and I see the Sample > CPU / Memory. The Memory sample works, but the CPU says I need to log in to the JXM. (This requires me to do some remote logging
  9. Its grey, says I need to connect using JXM
  10. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some advice for the VisualVM to connect to the craftbukkit.jar (I had help in the past with windows and it worked great)!. Currently when I launch the VisualVM I can get a memory dump, but I cannot get it to connect to the CPU for thread reading; has anyone had any luck with this?
  11. I have done the patch against a 3.1.1 live server. Its 'working' but throwing a ton of errors. http://pastebin.com/Ugz0hTXf I spoke with a few @ #mcportcentral they said it looked like it was the red morning star.
  12. Vid7 said its the MK3s logged into the game. Not sure where else to go from here.
  13. I have clearlagg installed, also I try the world edit /remove items -1. They only remove 72 entities. Also, /killall does nothnig. I believe this to be a item from tekkit logging in as a entitie.
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