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  1. i read somewhere that energy bridge soaks up 70eu/t per connection when wireless transmitting and not being directly next to the unit taking the converted energy in my experience this happens from each face of the bridge - i have 550eu/t coal plant hooked up to 4 quarries and its drawing 400+ eu/t each face of the bridge puts out only a certain amount of eu so i have 3 phased pipes hanging off it
  2. doesn't seem like steves carts was updated for tekkitlite and the tanks/liquid control stuff isn't there. has anyone found a way for the drill cart to be able to deal with liquids? can build bridges, lay rail.. but once it hits liquid.. it turns around
  3. my tekkit keep on saying it has not been allocated enough memory

  4. can you help me

  5. use steve carts to create a tree farm - and make a charcoal factory! watermill? just google minecraft watermill you can stack it and not too difficult to get multiple 512/eu/t
  6. Hello,

    I would be interested in joining your server. I host a few servers of my own (from Tekkit Classic, to Lite, and Vanilla) for friends/family, but it is sometimes nice to both see what direction others go with it, and to sometimes not be the person at the admin wheel all the time, heh. If you want to see any of my servers before making a decision just let me know.

    Thanks in advance,


  7. tekkitlite server server will be up 24/7 18+ just looking for a few people - dont have any interest in running a traditional server with mass amounts of players plugins I'm a bit older - 29 so looking for similar aged players Primarily looking for a few key people with similar interests to build the server the way we want it - if this is of interest send me a msg and I'll reply with the details.