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  1. Name: Age: 15 Why are you joining:I would like a good server to join.
  2. Hexxit is already in the launcher. It might be a ways down though, but it should be the first pack because it is the newest. You may need to restart MC.
  3. Are you still looking for people to join? If so, I would like to join, I am 15 an my skype is The_Weebs. Let me know if I can join. Thanks!
  4. I've mainly just found ore bushes. If you collect enough of each, you get a decent farm of metals in no time. It is better than trying to have to mine for decades to find enough metals.
  5. Would anyone be interested in making a server for this? Even just a small one? I can't myself, unfortunatley.
  6. I have set up a trading post at the spawn. How it works: Someone will leave an item at the trading post, and you can trade it for something reasonable, such as 6 platinum for 15 apples. Please don't destroy it as it is beneficial to everyone. I plan to run it mainly by myself, but if you wish to help, just message me. Thank You!
  7. Yeah, I'm not whitlisted either, if you need my Minecraft User name, its the same as it is on here, including the underscore.
  8. -Age 14 -Central Time Zone, South Dakota -Have a a huge interest/knowledge of voltz. -I like the idea of the server because it is generally what I would like in a pvp server. -I personally like to group up with others and it wouldn't matter who. -Yes, I understand the difference between stupid grief and a pvp. If you consider me, Thank You very much.
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