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  1. Oh, hey CaptainBlubs, didn't see this message You probably already know, but the server is up... probably wasn't much down time anyways? Only around 5% lately, which is good for a Voltz server :P
  2. Hey, I'm having trouble with this issue at the moment. You place an advanced solar panel, and you get 2... I think it has to do with MCPC's Bukkit API. The server didn't have this issue before switching from BukkitForge to MCPC+. I cannot see any more information on this issue :/
  3. Hey doubleawesome. Yeah server was down the longest period so far. There is a crash which occurs but doesn't shut down the server... have set up notifications on the server which should help me keep an eye on this. As a side note, have also doubled the server's ram to 18Gb and increase CPU power by 50%, so everything should run a lot smoother... I'm also hoping this will help prevent that random crash, but probably just wishful thinking
  4. I was testing to see what time zone the server posts were. Instead it just says "a moment ago" rather than the actual time.
  5. It was down? Strange. Though it has been down for the past hour and a bit. I have been trying to move the server world over to RAM, which should increase speeds significantly for people. Haven't managed it yet, sleep time. Server is back up though.
  6. Finished adding in Factions. Also made some changes to help ensure the server's performance is remains high.
  7. Hey guys, back from holiday, so can finally look into increasing up-time and improving the server. Whilst I was away, server up-time dropped to 88%. However, I have just implemented a server autostart script which will increase the server up-time significantly. I am also going to start looking into adding Factions now, due to many requests for this plugin. Cheers, Carl
  8. Get the latest client. Just manually set the version to 1.1.3. I may update to the latest version eventually, but as I have just learned, the versions need to be careful. Just as a note, no map reset. You may notice a couple of items replaced due to the update, but almost everything else should be the same. Cheers, Carl
  9. The version will remain 1.1.3 until the newest versions are fixed.
  10. Dropping back to 1.1.3. Most bombs cause a server crash in 1.1.4...
  11. I have updated the server version to 1.1.4. The reason for this, is that 1.0.11 has it's problems and limitations... no nukes, what's that about? Also modular power armor was rather limited. All up to date now, however, there seems to be an issue that when you disconnect your game will crash... I do not know how to fix this issue, but it's not a huge deal. Will try to get rid of it soon.
  12. Due to demand, I am doubling the CPU and RAM. I am also increasing the player slot limit (from 12) to 16.
  13. Hey. That mod looks cool, but this is a PvP server, doesn't really have a place for builders I'm afraid.
  14. Now version 1.1.3. URL: server.boltznvoltz.com Points below: Scaling the slot limit when required Nothing banned No abusive admins (there also aren't really any atm ) Keep inventory on death (but can be taken by MFFS) Essentials (+Spawn) enabled Based in US No lag (hopefully... will scale server when requested) Dedicated (I estimate a 1-5% down time) Will be around for a long time (I have the money and knowledge) Factions (due to much demand) Anything is allowed. However, be respectful to other players, use your common sense, and if you are caught duping/x-raying/hacking everything you have will be removed and you will be temp banned. May add more mods as time goes on, so feel free to make requests. This is my first public server, but I'm a 24 y/o web developer, so I should be capable of keeping everything together. Come play. Blow shit up. Have fun. Cheers, SirCarl
  15. MC Account Name: SirCarl How long have you been playing Minecraft? : About 3 years, since beta How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity? : Only a couple of days, but played other mod packs and watch yogscast What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? (beginner, fair, adept, etc): Fair. Seems pretty much like other mod packs. Why do you want to play on the server? The server I just started on keeps closing. Want a stable server which offers PvP. What do you think you'd like to do if you are accepted? Hopefully team up with some others. Would like to create a couple of outposts, and wage war against some people.
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