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  1. i wolud like to join: ing: mattyisthebest11 skype:no age:14 have you been banned yes why: no not a lot of experience of voltz
  2. age:15 (me going to be 16 in 5 days ) real name: matty ING:mattyisthebest11 experience: like two moths
  3. just got YouTube channel

  4. MC Account:mattyisthebest11 Age:14 (in two week's time I'me 15) Mic:no and why i would join the sever coz i need a good place to do video make new friends and have a fun time
  5. ING:mattyisthebest11 age:13 ( I have problems with me and me spelling just some thing i shuod tell you be for i go on it) Country: England Tekkit: a bit i do videos and with me friends Do you have a Mic: no i don't now how to use one Are you able to use teamspeak: no Reason or reasons for wanting to join: coz my friend are on at monday :L. and i want a nice place to make videos on a sever If you want to join in my videos you can
  6. opps for got the ing: mattyisthebest11 ( my ltiitl brother change me name sorry)
  7. character name: rythian character age: 15 character sex : male real age : 11 real sex : male backstory: rythin was a nice man untile one day wen a unkonw looking toicx man came up to him and spok to him i am going to chane you into the one ender hunter to kill all thing until hey find the one enderdragen to have it bloode in hes body and the at what the man tolled him BUT he is fating it to stop the minecraft wrold to be...........
  8. character name : unkonw character age unkonw character sex: male real age: 11 real sex male unkonw past
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