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  1. Thank you Cheap Shot, that worked brilliantly. Now what about the 1.6 update, is their a guess as to how long it takes to be able to play with that using the launcher? Hope your 4th of July was a good and safe one. :-)
  2. Thank you to all that answered. One last question if you all don't mind, does any one else get a window that asks for you to play in of line mode. I get that when launch the game. Just curious if any one gets that now? Thanks again & have a great morning. :-)
  3. I know that the new launcher is out today and it takes time to do updates. I was just curious as to how long does it take to do an update when a new version is released, and since their is a launcher how would this effect the Technic launcher for everyone that uses it currently? Will it be difficult to do since their are 2 launchers to have to think about in the programming of updates?
  4. Since the last thread that was titled Lets test Big Dig (insert version here) was halted and I feel that my issue wasn't addressed, I am starting this one to hopefully get answers. I am still having issues with the mod pack. When I go to open Big Dig with the launcher the Minecraft window goes to either the Mojang title screen or it goes white and nothing happens. No error report, no big middle finger saying that your being hopefull in playing this, nothing in the logs for the people that would be smarter than I to know whats going on. It just sits their at the white screen doing nothing. I have tried to reload the pack with no success or hope of it running. This is an ongoing problem and I don't know what else to do. I have tested the rest of the mod packs that I have to include the packs that come with the down loader and they work just fine. If any one has any ideas, questions and or theory's that aren't just trolling please feel free to speak up.
  5. Hey all. After doing the update to Big Dig and trying to play, my minecraft goes from the Mojang screen to white then nothing, it stays that way. I do have the most recent version of the game. I even tried to reinstall Big Dig to no avail. I don't even get a error crash nothing, nothing from a change log or a crash report. I have no idea as to what the heck is going on. Has any person possibly heard of this happening? Gimmie a few and Iwill try a diffrent mod pack. . . . . trying the crafting dead pack. . . . . .works. . . . . . trying volts. . . . that works to (yes I actually tried them both (-: ) Okay so it isn't the launcher. Ihave no idea. Big Dig is so far my favorite mod pack. Imade sure that I have a back up of the world file so Ican polay it when things are fixed. I just have no idea what else to do. Good night. Friday June 7, 2013 @ 10:38 pm Arizona time Tried to start Big Dig today. On a plus side it no longer goes to a white window. It just stays at the Mojang screen. I can copy the logs and zip them for some one to review if they like starting with last night when I started to encounter this problem.
  6. Yeah, I have installed the launcher now 4 times. I have tried multiple times to download mod packs, and I still have none of them to play. Not even the ones that normally come with the down loader. No Tekkit, no volts, no hack slash mine, nothing. I put in the link for mod packs as I have seen instructed to no avail, even with multiple suggestions from the forums, like with parsing and what to do, that doesn't even work. I cant even get a moderator that I started a private conversation with to help, kinda discouraging. I have no idea what to do from here. Let alone know why the program is even doing this. Edit: Here is what it says when I try to put in Big Dig. Error Parsing Platform Response. All the checks that I have done suggests that I put www in the front of the path to get the mod pack. That has already been done from the web site to my clipboard to the launcher.
  7. Tried that 3 times, tried putting beta in the string to down load a pack and nothing. I know it's not the devs and as far as them "getting their act together" that is a bullpucky statement fer some one misplacing blame when they screwed something up or when it doesn't work correctly. I have no idea as to why the launcher I've downloaded doesn't work. I don't know if it was something I may have done incorrectly. But I am definitely going to do my best to search the forums for fixes, explanations or if their is a new launcher released to try to fix the problem and if all else fails ask for help, I AM NOT going to blame devs that do this for the players of minecraft for something that I may have done and not known it. Show some thanks you ingrate, yeah that to you duckymomo334.
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