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  1. it worked. Thanks, although I spawned in the middle of nowhere. Is that supposed to happen?
  2. Uh, it says im not whitelisted... can you try my name without a capital L??
  3. Hey this seems great! Mind white listing me? My IGN is the same as my username here
  4. Sorry problem solved, if someone see's this and can please delete this d
  5. Hi, I was playing B-Team and I had to go eat, then when i turned my computer back on and open the launcher I go to B-Team and it opens, then sits on the Mojang screen for about 30-60 seconds without the mod loader thing popping up, and then it closes and the launcher pops back up. Please help!
  6. IGN legodgamerguy AGE: 14 GMT+/-: Eastern Central Time Something about yourself: I like to play a bunch with other people especially with tekkit, and I really like trading and playing around with other people Secret"No Quarries in the main world!"
  7. Hi I'd like to see how this server is! My IGN is legodgamerguy
  8. Username: Legodgamerguy Age:14 Why Tekkitopia? I have been searching around a lot lately trying to find the server that is right for me, and comming from your first impression I think this server can provide to me the things that I want in a tekkit server, and that the community I have seen in the trailers is very lively and would be nice to join. Your secret code:13leg
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