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  1. age: 15 (I know you're asking for over 16 but I am very mature and don't mind older people. mic: yes on laptop and desktop My real name is Michael i go by MIke. IGN: is hobo122013 Email: [email protected] I know a bit about voltz. I love war servers and the risk of getting griefed it adds fun to minecraft.
  2. yes but i dont know if it was that i had logged out hadent been on for about 8 hours and i was at the quantme dam and i logged in thought i was fine and after about three sec i got a messag saying internal server error and i logged in on my other minecraft account and people told me to have the server owner reset my files or deleat them and he can simply give me the items i had
  3. I was wearing combat armor I had a jet pack and it disappeared but I can only get in the server for about three secs this is after I logged out the night before I had no trouble but now all my stuff is messed up though the way I still get on is a second minecraft accountant what is capping people got mad at me when I did the I lost connection all night
  4. Hey my game is messed up people told me to tell you to reset my player data and that you could give me back my stuff its internal server error Thx please fix it ASAP
  5. Hey you might want to make a server restart every 3-4 hours major lagg im the only one who's on
  6. Hey server Down there is alot of stuff going on with websites and stuff not working what's going on
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