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  1. so I have picked up the new tekkit and have been noticing some things don't work the same or are just missing, what happened to the Distribution Transport Pipes, I need them for what I am building. A lot of stuff is different in this one. Is there no way to use Kinesis Pipes to power TE stuff anymore..?
  2. I would imagine it would be hard work to make a mod like this and keep up with the changes in minecraft with new version updates.
  3. What about Solar panels are there any mods in the New Tekkit that has those..? that's the one thing I really miss from Classic. I loved building big solar flowers to collect power.
  4. So what I found out was the stuff that looked like oil under one of my factories was not actually oil, it was sludge , it took me a while to figure out that if you take a dip in sludge you get drunk and your screen gets all wavy. Oil however does not do that. I did find out that Oil was not as abundant as it used to be in Tekkit Classic. But what about water , I know that water used to be finite in the old Tekkit (Tekkit Classic) anyway to go back to this..?
  5. well when I said make a trench I didn't mean something that would be totally automated, I was thinking of making a shallow 1 block deep pool of lava and making it 3 blocks wide and 18 or 24 long , and fill it with lava and then pour water over the lava to turn it into obsidian. and then put down a mining turtle and set it to tunnel and to mine the obsidian. At this point I am not too the point where I have enough power to make something fully automated. This is what I meant.
  6. So I am getting ready to make a quarry and I used a mining turtle to clear out the space, well I found some oil and before I start the quarry I want to pump out the oil and put it into containers. well I tried to do that and the pump does not want to pull the oil out of the little pool. It's not pumping anything , I have it powered and it should be running and pumping oil but it isn't. So what I am wondering are liquids no longer finite like they were in Tekkit Classic , I have figured out that water is infinite , but is Oil like that as well..? I do believe that Lava is Finite in this version of Tekkit as well. xD Because when you would pump water or oil or lava in Tekkit Classic , it would drain, is there anyway to make it like that in New Tekkit, by the way I am playing on the version for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.3
  7. Hello so I am still playing on Tekkit for Minecraft 1.5.2 / 1.5.1 and I am staying on this version because I am very attached to my world. I am trying to automate the making of Energy Conduits and need a way to farm Obsidian that can be automated and I am wondering what I should do..? I am thinking of using a trench for the short term and just filling it with lava and just make it that way and get it with a mining turtle but it's not fully automatetible .
  8. So I am wondering if there is an equivalent to the high speed rail tracks that were in Railcraft?? I miss that.
  9. What exactly does Amplified Terrain mean??
  10. I was wondering this too, what is the best way to make an elevator using only what comes with Tekkit Main??
  11. I had noticed that, I think you don't want to update it because the latest tekkit is still on 1.5.2.
  12. TheBytemaster should be banned for looking like a disfigured cat and for having a black and white avatar, it's 2013 now we have millions of colours , pick a few.
  13. Episode 011: Solution Unneeded I scramble for the needed redstone energy conduits only to find I had plenty all along.
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