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  1. When is the owner going to whitelist anyone, he said he'd do it days ago and still hasn't. And this is a custom modpack.
  2. IGN : DannyPubstar AGE: 17 GMT+/-: UTC/GMT +1 Something about yourself: I'm a massive football/soccer fan. Secret " No quarry's in Main world "
  3. The moderator on your server is immature and doesn't know how to do his job clearly. Let down to the server, making good progression and the moderator bans me for not sharing my method of power.. Yes i wouldn't tell him my power source because i was fed up helping him with everything else, introducing him to the minium stone, other parts of the modpack and giving him tips all round. I wanted to keep at-least 1 thing to myself and i get banned for 'Not Co-Operating' i hope you can sort this out as it is a great disappointment to a good server. IGN - DannyPubstar
  4. Was using the server last night fine as i was the first accepted on this forum, i tried to access the server today and it says i'm not whitelisted? -DannyPubstar
  5. In-Game Name : DannyPubstar Age and Global Location? 17, Scotland (United Kingdom, GB) Have you ever been banned before? No. Why do you play SMP? I like to play the Survival Experience with others, helping and learning from others along the way. You know this is a member application right? Yes. How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing 'Minecraft' a few years now. How did you find us? On the technic forums of course by searching for a new Tekkit Server to play on. What's your favorite color? Blue Will you please make an account on our Website? I will if it contains forums yes and or useful information about the server. Anything else you want to add? I'd love to be added to the server as a 'Member' I have been looking for a Tekkit server that looks clean, polished and professional with protection for a while now. Thanks, Craig (DannyPubstar)
  6. Minecraft IGN: DannyPubstarAge: 17 Gender: Male Location: Scotland (United Kingdom) Why do you want to play on T4?: I love the new tekkit, feel it is a great improvement from both Classic & Lite. I like that EE is gone, well EE2 i'm sure it is which makes the experience greater as people can't use condensers to progress easily through the game. All round great experience (T4). Also, the server has protected land which most servers don't have. Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: I used to play 'Tekkit' before technic went and classic and lite were introduced.. Now that the new Tekkit is here, i'm raring to go!
  7. IGN (In Game Name): DannyPubstar Age: 17 Why Gearz?: This is exactly the type of server i've been looking for, the newest tekkit with towns and economy.. An all round looking professional, mature and tidy server to play on. What do you want to build on the server?: I wish to experience the new tekkit on this server learning my way through the new experience and eventually progressing enough to fly to the moon! Whilst also creating my own town if possible..