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  1. Hey, I was having the same problems (plus some). This sounds like some useful information. So, my question is, firstly, do I need to still use that version of MCPC +, so that it it's for MC 1.4.7? That's still the only one that will work with Voltz? Also, why don't you give us a path for where you're wanting us to put the file? Please?
  2. Does anyone know how to get factions to work with Voltz? Iv'e got bukkitforge 1.4.7 working, and factions itself worked, but no matter WHAT I tried, no one but ops could have ANY permissions. I'd really like to fix that problem. I've tried using bperms, I've tried PEX, I've tried leaving off the permissions plugin (which is supposed to give everyone main permissions by default) but nothing seems to work. If anyone can offer any help, I would really appreciate it. Before you ask, it was not a YAML formatting problem. Most likely, it seems like the factions permissions nodes that they list j
  3. Does anyone know how to get the modded axes to work with this plugin?
  4. I had the same problem. That 1.4.7-40 worked okay for me though. So far it's the only version I've found that works.
  5. Hello all. I've just opened a Voltz server for me and my friends. I'm looking for a way to have people temporarily banned when they die (and lose their inventory). Basically, I want something between survival and hardcore. It should be something easy to use and change the time. One optional thing that might be nice is if I could configure the time to be different based on how someone dies. I tried doing this by putting bukkit in and using a plugin, but it kept the server from functioning (still not sure why). So if there's a better solution, I would love that. Thanks! UPDATE: I
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