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  1. Age: 38 Experience: Enough to enjoy the each mods M-T 2-4 hours Friday 4-8 Saturday 4-8 Sunday depends after church Where you are from: Florida US Skype: nytmaster and last but not least, IGN: nytmaster Real Life Job-- Field Tech for Dell Also can you add my wife of 28 and my brother inlaw of 18 would like to play too... There in games names are Ladynytmaster -- Wife same for IGN for both Dark_Nyt -- Brother Inlaw
  2. Your ingame name: nytmaster Why you want to join our server: Seems to be good server to build and get to know some new folks. Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which? NO Something about yourself: Well I'm 37 years old, been playing MC for couple years and Tekkit type servers for about a year. Just love to build things when i was young one playing space legos and the castle legos.
  3. Yup same ERROR Galacticraft requires files to run EPIC FAIL I know Tekkit team will be working on this ASAP.. Just got to wait until they add one the mods that Galaticraft needs to run on.