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  1. Username: christian2124 Age: 14 Why Tekkitopia? I have been looking for a mature community in almost every modpack that exists, most specifically Voltz and Big Dig. I just today decided I would take a trip back in time and settle down in Tekkit Lite for the first time in ages, and being as though this server has a strict whitelist that accepts only the most mature and friendliest of players, I would start here. I hope that you look past my age, which is noticeably small compared to those who have applied before me, and give me a chance to live among your servers large and good natured community. Your secret code: 13chr
  2. IGN: christian2142 AGE: 14 (You said to be honest and I am, but please don't overlook my application below, I put a lot of devotion into it.) LOCATION: United States (East Coast) ARE YOU BANNED ON ANY OTHER SERVERS AND WHY?: No WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN: While I do understand you have a strict rule against people under the age of 18, I have been developing an interest in small, tight knit communities that are centered around mature players. Despite being young myself, I hate having to deal with children who are similar to my age on a game like Minecraft, weather it be their building techniques or their dramatic approach on simple situations. I have been a part of many adult communities in Minecraft, and have corresponded to those adults fairly. The staff community on a vanilla server known as MyTownCraft is made up of active young adults who I have bonded quite closely with, including some college-going persons populating another Big Dig server known as Resilience Big Dig, which is ranked the most highest in views and replies on the server list. Apart from these experiences with older communities, I can also bring a youthful imagination to your community, and while I am not capable of building on a grand scale, I can make in-depth structures that appeal to players rather then make them turn their heads. I have also had some experience as an administrator in past servers on Vanilla, and some for the Tekkit modpacks as me and my friend attempted to create fun and creative worlds for players seeking a variation in gameplay. In all, I hope you consider my application and give me at least a single chance to become a part of your small and developed community of matured people. TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR MINECRAFT EXPERIENCE: I've played Minecraft for about 2 years now, if not more. I have experience in constructing towns, both subterranean and above-ground. My favorite biome in almost every server I play is the plains biome, considering it provides me with the space to build as I please and provide a canvas for creative creations I think up during my days on the server when progress is at a halt. Normally I'm slow-going in the beginning of each server I join, meeting the members of the community and gathering a perspective on the land I settled in, as well as creating a presentable house to live in and put fourth my machinery. I'm not the most industrious, normally liking to keep compact systems that provide only what is essential for me to maintain momentum. I have never found myself drilled into a server for so long as a month or two, but I have been known to integrate into a community for over a whole year, depending on how long the server lasts until I either run out of inspiration or it simply dies. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN MINECRAFT?: My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is explore new possibilities in building and meet new players from all over the world. As I mentioned far above, I have created subterranean cities in the past, although they were much more village then city as they never truly extended past ambition. Still, I do enjoy creating small-scale underground structures, particularly bunkers where I store all sorts of experimental weapons and machines I'm unfamiliar with, which was an idea I derived from PvP servers in the past. In all, that is all I have to say, and I once again ask that you overlook my inadequate age and beg you to give me a chance in your server. I have put a lot of heart into this application, and sincerely mean all I said, as I haven't been able to find a suitable server in a long time now. Thanks in advance, even if you don't accept me it was nice of you to go through my entire application.
  3. In game name: christian2142 Age : 14 Location : East Coast, United States Are you currently banned from any servers? : No Minecraft experience to date : Have played since the end of Alpha and the beginning of Beta (for vanilla Minecraft, of course) A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server : The last two servers for the Big Dig modpack I tried were either terribly managed, laggy, or had lots of ignorant players who took the fun out of the game by constant raiding and harassment. The amount of replies to this servers threat is absolutely absurd, and by the looks of things this seems to hold the most promising experience of all Big Dig servers I managed to find. Id be ecstatic to become a member of the Resilience community, and look forward to being accepted. Edit - I forgot to mention something regarding myself. Anyway, I'm a person who likes to take their work seriously and manage it on their own. I don't have much of a taste for players who try to "help" me with my creations, as I like to let my mind be free with its thoughts and create them myself in the game. While sometimes I do not handle situations that are dire very maturely, I keep to myself as long as a 11 year old doesn't stroll onto my property and try to make himself "helpful" by draining my supplies for a pathetic stand-up of what he thinks should be done. While the latter sounds a bit harsh and unnecessary, it just represents my distaste in immature players, although I'm more then aware that i'll find little to no drama inside a server as well kept at this one.
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