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  1. IGN: Crynon Age: 13 (I am mature though) Country: UK (fibre optic broadband) Experience: Played tekkit since it began Why I want to join: I need a server that has a nice community and no griefing/raid/pvp
  2. Just to say I was getting things stolen from the chests that had been in there for weeks
  3. If the server doesn't comeback why not try something like hexxit as that has less machinery and less potential for lag I'm sad for other people that the server isn't working but myself not that sad because everytime I logged on I had been griefed
  4. Minecraft Name: Crynon Age: 12 Country: Great Britain Why do you want to join: I hate griefers and raiders and really want to do some tekkit classic with lots of others
  5. IGN: Crynon Reason for wanting to join: don't like griefers and the such A little about me: I am 12 from England and don't like childish behaviour like griefing Do you understand the rules?: Yes, They are very clear (My skin has been changed so picture is not up to date)
  6. Nickname: Crynon Age: 13 What are you going to build?: A green (energy) factory with a small workshed
  7. When I tried to run my server I got this error message: C:\Users\Peter\Favorites\Desktop\Tekkit classic>java -Xmx4G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.j ar nogui Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap C:\Users\Peter\Favorites\Desktop\Tekkit classic>pause Press any key to continue . . .
  8. Can somebody help me I am trying to make a server with bukkitforge but I keep getting 5 more... If somebody can give me a download link to a bukkitforge server that I can just add my plugins and use that would be very helpful. Thanks
  9. I was playing on a server and they updated to 1.5.2 but I can't update. Is there a new update or are they in a tekkit snapshot or something?
  10. do you mean for server or for %appdata%? If server you need to use launch.bat If %appdata% I don't know
  11. I had this problem, It is just lag where he does not get the information from the server but the server gets information from him, you need better internet!
  12. I've got it you need to use launch.bat not minecraft_server.jar! :D
  13. Hey wait I think they had this problem on a vanilla server I play on and they had problem with items that came in the new update.
  14. I have that problem too, I tried to use conveyor belts and Iron chests but they didn't work! D:
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