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  1. Age 11 no im not a little kid running around screaming Fun greifing dont just walk into there base and take all there stuff while there offline have some fun shoot missiles at each other enjoy yourself Looking for a server with nice people to have an alll out kick ass war Minecraft name: axelstar7a Just call me Axel : ) I really would like to join Thank you!
  2. Hi i want to play on this server i dont care if its tekkit or voltz thanks
  3. ign axelstar7a really wanna join : )
  4. Hi i really want play on your server. My skype is Axel Elowson so send me a message with ip hope i can play on your server. I couldn't find my voltz screen shots so i cant give you any pictures. Hope its ok if its not send me message telling me the file name.
  5. This worked for me try login with a random non existing acount then try login with your acount it worked for me.
  6. Im 11 Swedish time but I talk fluent English (no weird accents) Im fairly new to voltz but I know already most things (I watched youtube for like 3 hours every day) I like the idea of making alliances and raging wars (SOUNDS AWESOME!) I tottaly wanna team up with other players and build hidden bases Im absurlutely certain that I understand its not fun to kill noobs when there building a base and that red matter bombs blow up entire servers slowly! I really want to join so please let me join!!!!! I promise to play fairly (My minecraft name: Axelstar7a so you can whitelist me and my Skype
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