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  1. I've recently set up a custom modpack. I've made a logo and a background for it, ive checked and they both are under the 500kb limit. I've saved them as .png but the website wont recognise them. It just comes up saying "The logo must be a file of type: .jpeg or .png" even though it is.

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Take a look at Deep Storage Units from MFR and Floodlights from Greg's Lighting. Same thing, only better.

    Why do we even need Factorization? Well, those new 'servos' from Direwolf's most recent video sure do look epic..... plus it allows for tripling of ore output. TE is only double. Besides, a little variety never hurt anybody!

    Gregs lighting crashes the client and when i get back on again all the floodlights are gone, its very strange, but ill take a look at the deep storage units from mfr

  3. I think that ic2 was in tekkit for too long, with new updates coming out with exactly the same coremod of literally everybody's tekkit base: IndustrialCraft 2. And I do think redpower is amazing but I think the textures aren't too 'techy' and the whole setup of it is too fiddly for me. And I do think ee2 was the most cheaty mod I've ever played. But though ee3 has had no new features yet, there are so many behind the scenes stuff going on such as automatic emc values adding to modded items and a whole rewrite of the api and loads more. Also there is an ic2 dev build available with no bugs that I have found. Have you seen mps! You can look like iron man, superman or make your own super robotic casing. I think the new tekkit is entirely techy, and feels a lot more 'modern' than all the other ftb modpacks and all the old tekkits and technics. And I think this was a giant refresh and I think it's for the better

  4. I'm not sure. It works for me: are you sure your compressing the folder or all the files in the folder. Select all the files in the folder and right click add to archive and set it to .zip click method; best and call it modpack.jar and try this. If you've done this already. I've just used up all my energy typing really quick for no reason. But I hope it eventually works for you!

  5. The mod author didn't want rail craft in tekkit because railcraft was in tekkit before but without the mod authors permission. So he banned technic from using railcraft in the whole of the technic launcher apart from voltz because they asked the author seperateley and this had no collaboration with tekkit at the time

  6. I really do think that technic take a lot of care into their modpacks.making stunning artwork for the launchers, making very advanced coded web pages to show off the modpacks and a very nice website that you can easily find a modpack and download it just with a click of a button. Plus it has a lot more ease of use over the ftb launcher. But I do agree that ftb has a wider range of mods but the custom modpack option on the technic launcher beats the problem by making your own modpack. Even through there were permission problems at the start. It has all been fixed and everything seems much better now and is far superior to ftb