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  1. Yeah I had the same problem Toki. 1.1.0 resolved the issue for me. I could make all of the subcomponents just fine though the assembler but the complete device had problems. Once I updated server to 1.1.0 the pattern then worked... Weird huh. I just assumed it was a bug with AE.
  2. I can second this experience, I have had similar reproducible issues with 1.0.6. I have not noticed the issue since moving to 1.1.0. Should that change I will update my post.
  3. We updated to 1.1.0 and ran into a slew of issues aswell. I played with it for 5 minutes then decided to scratch install. I ended up backing up the server.properties file and world folder and then scrapped everything else before installing the new version (this is on linux mind you). Also the client needed to be completely deleted and then reinstalled as everyone was getting the same white screen startup hang. Just my experience, may not resolve or relate to your own issues.
  4. Except biofuel, sterling, steam, combustion. I guess the one source you are referring to are magmatic engines?
  5. ^^ I wholly agree with this. Brosia, you will have to forgive Karaktars lack of tact. But his message, sans insults is one that you will find echoed by any regular on these forums. At pretty much any time of the day there is at least 1 post on the first page making mention of the fact that IC2 and RP2 are missing from this pack. For community support to work there needs to be community diligence. I can understand Karaktars frustration as I myself have been left thinking the same thing, however I would not have formed my response as he did. Perhaps when you have a little more t
  6. Very sad to admit that this never crossed my mind. *Sigh*
  7. I had the same issue and that too was my only solution.
  8. Those are IC2 items. No longer featured in tekkit. When you upgraded did you start with a fresh install?
  9. I have been having this same problem. There has been a bug report made for this: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/no-fallen-meteors-on-the-moon.44460/ Craters are there but no ore in the bottom of any of them. Searched for quite a while thinking it would a rare drop type scenario, but with no result.
  10. I can confirm this also 1.0.6
  11. I can confirm this. I have had the same experience. I upgraded to 1.0.6 from 1.0.5, BC phase pipes working before upgrade, no longer working. Removed affected pipes and readded, tried on diff. freq. to no avail. Tesseracts built to replace phase pipes.
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