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  1. kyle939, I'd like this to work too, but think of viruses in mods. Then these mods were automatically installed with the viruses.
  2. When they upload it, it'll be online. We all hope this will be in one hour. The time zone doesn't matter. In one hour means 18:00 CET (Central European Time). In America it'll be approximately 3 am.
  3. Please push a fast update of Tekkit and BigDig with Applied Energistics rv11. It contains some major features and bug fixes. I personally really want AE rv11 in the next version of Tekkit and BigDig. Changelog
  4. Tin Decoration Blocks are uncraftable in Tekkit 1.1.5. Screenshot: Edit: In 1.0.6 it works. Edit2: With NEI shift-click it works too.
  5. @Spicy I already "cracked the code" on page 5.
  6. I can only write scripts in batch and bash. I already made a Minecraft Launcher with online mode. I just downloaded http://login.minecraft.net/?user=USER&password=PASS&version=14 and used these values as parameters for minecraft.
  7. I started to write a stylish script for this ^^ If you're interested in helping me..
  8. :D I used the firefox inspect element function. And Batman is not a 12 years old teen.
  9. I just looked at the code.. Do you have Skype Chanku?
  10. They just changed the letters: http://www.technicpack.net/jcountdown/jcountdown_metal_black.png This is another theme of the jCountdown Mega Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/jcountdown/jcountdown_crystal_black.png Just change the image used by the countdown in the jcountdown.css: http://screencloud.net/v/cYAm
  11. It’s like an integrated pulverizer upgrade, but to enchant your pickaxe you’ll need power and every block will cost 5 uses of the pickaxe. Also you can only enchant force tools and you need a force tome with level two. You’ll see, that it adds many overpowered tools, but they're still very balanced.
  12. Actually the force tools are interisting too. You can enchant them with grinding to get 2 ingots out of one ore. Force armor is good for mining. You don’t get as much damage in lava. I really love this mod. The Force Pack has some really neat features. So please post how you like this mod!
  13. Hello, The title says pretty much everything. Can you please add DartCraft to Tekkit? DartCraft generates power ore, but there's a option to generate ore in existing worlds. The Lumberjack enchantment is a nice replacement for TreeCapitator and the Force Pack isn't as buggy as the backpack mod. What do you think? Can we have DartCraft in Tekkit? Minecraft Forums thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1686840-/
  14. There's no updated version of the backpack mod, that removes the dupe bug.
  15. Your server is vanilla minecraft, not Tekkit. There's no version of Tekkit for 1.5.2. Just start minecraft like you'd do without Tekkit. Minecraft will update and you'll be able to play on the server.
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