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  1. IGN: Brady220 SKYPE(Must have): iBrady130 Experience: I've been playing Minecraft for around 2 years and I'm experienced with some of the major mod packs as well as vanilla survival. I haven't as much experience with Hexxit however and am still learning its mods. Age(16 or OLDER): 14 (going 15 soon) but hope to get into the server despite my age as I am a generally nice person and am quite reasonable. Pros & Cons about yourself: Good grammar, polite, friendly, understanding, entertaining at times, can act a little immature but nothing too serious. I'm also okay at building but not the best in my 'group'. I am quite good at redstone contraptions! Bans(If any): Once, but was an misunderstanding and was unbanned the next day. Favourite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: The Yogscast, as I find them entertaining as well as a bit derpy, although their videos are less entertaining these days as well as less frequent.
  2. I was just wondering if you could help me with installing bukkitforge onto Divine RPG...

    Any help is appreciated :)