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  1. Exodius Tekkit Classic Factions, Economy, Plots, Shops No banned items Complete freedom! IP: exodius.ddns.net Entire Country of Russia here! On our server, you have complete freedom. Build whatever you want, wherever you want, use any item you want. Make your own plot or faction, start a war with another faction; It's all up to you. Plugins AuthMe ChestShop Essentials Factions FactionsPlus Jobs LWC NoCheatPlus PermissionsEx PlotMe WorldEdit WorldGuard Vault
  2. I'm fairly good at building things with style, but I know next to nothing about technology stuff. Add me on skype/steam if you need help creating scenery, fancy buildings, or anything like that. Skype Name: theentirecountryofrussia Steam Name: The Entire Country Of Russia
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