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  1. I run a server on bug dig, I tried running the 1.3.0, and it gets stuck at downloadind a Periherbal mod thang... HELP
  2. Thx, its up and running, I'm going to finish this page, and you can check it out! Your server ain't bad either!
  3. The Server Franchise Now Presents! : (We are getting certain plugins working, our server is using full on memory for you guys!) This Is a Dedicated 24/7, Almost No-Lag Server. This is our first line of servers. A server will be launch for vanilla minecraft, and the Tekkit mod pack later in the year! IF you are a minecrafter, who doesnt get appreciated for finding gold? This is your server! Once you log onto the server, You are then a Aristocrafter! -This is our Big Dig server!- or
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