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  1. Is there an estimate on when this will become Reccomended build, alot of the major bugs we had in 3.9 are gone it seems
  2. They craft the items themselves, no spawned items. Will link to this thread so people can post their experiences
  3. No pattern, we thought it was the moss upgrade for a while but other players with items without the moss upgrade have had it too.
  4. this was created by a member. I have about 2-5 players asking for their player file to be deleted to fix an issue like this
  5. We just updated our server to 1.3.12. No world gen issues. Tinkers construct items still cause crashes client side (Bugged items)
  6. http://pastebin.com/ZSEFJihs This occurs with BD 1.3.9 when Bees polinate leaves. (not frequently it seems) Map Fix is removing the area or forestry mod/extra bees. Crash when corrupted chunk is loaded
  7. - Gregs lightning not added to server. - Internal server error with treasure chest
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