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  1. I am so sorry about that. If you could give me your minecraft username I will un-ban you and see what really was going on.
  2. I am so sorry about that. If you could give me your minecraft username i will un-ban u and see what was really going on
  3. the server is back up and running sorry for the down time
  4. no johnson nothing you or i can do i am waiting for mcprohosting to fix it. funny how they told be 9 hours ago it should be fixed in less then 4 hours.i have waited a total of 23 hours
  5. I am aware that the server is down i am doing all i can to restore it
  6. I am aware that the server is down i am doing all i can to bring it back up
  7. I am aware that the server is down, i'm trying to find a way to pay off last mouths bill.
  8. sure ashernz come on when u can
  9. The server will be off and on. I will be editing the sever with thing such as, adding new plug-ins, and rules.
  10. a new plugin has been installed [afk] simply type /afk to go afk. afk = away from keyboard open to all players ------------------------------------------------------- LOOKING FOR STAFF
  11. I am very sorry about that. I was sure i had put down the ip. its and no, no white list :)
  12. 24 slot server no pvp rules --------------------------------------- no spaming no grifing be respectful of server staff and players swearing is aloud. please keep to a small level caps are aloud . please keep to a small level ----------------------------------------- banned items nuke mining laser wrath ignitor ----------------------------------------- staff list Owner -blood0920 Admin -ender2280 moderator-slendy553 -------------------------------------------- disrespecting staff or players will result in 1warning, 2second warning, 3temp banned, 4banned grifing will result in 1warning, 2banned destructive use of banned items will result in banned --------------------------------------------------------- server up time is 24/7 ------------------------------------------------------- plug-ins included vanish mod owner admin use only world edit mod owner admin use only spawn all players use ----------------------------------------------------- this is an English server you must speak English. ------------------------------------------------------- ip is -------------------------------------- LOOKING FOR STAFF!!!!
  13. OMG ace spawn was grifphed by the little idiot jhon people keep respawning and falling in lava at spawn the ME system was hit to jhon left after dieing 50 times trying to get out lol.but I have to keep taping people out plz get a admin to come on .or u?
  14. I would love to apply for staff I have lots of xp in the past with loads of servers
  15. why am i no longer a helper I never said anything bad to teenie why do u think this D:
  16. Hi guys coming back from another vaction may be a llittle bit till I log on again. -blood0920
  17. no I really can connect D:> at this rate I fear I will never be able to connect again D:> -blood0920
  18. I cant connect to the sever I fear it is not the sever because when I try to log on it is saying bad login D:> is the sever down? -blood0920