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  1. But then it replaces the ones I have now and I don't want to download EVERY single pack I have at once
  2. Hello, I was wondering how to move a modpack from one computer with internet conncetion, to one without internet. I tried copying the modpack folder to where the rest are but the launcher wont recognise them. Any help appreciated
  3. Thats why i used a klein star, charged with mined ores and such, not collectors
  4. A few days ago, I found a video on youtube that used deployers, buckets, pneumatic tubes and water mills to generate a reasonable amount of power. I modified this sytem and replaced the water mills with Geothermal generators. If you add another deployer opposing the first one and put a volcanite amulet with a fully charged klein star in it, it will copnstantly spawn lava, collect it and send it to the generators. The water mill video is here: (If asked I will post my own video)
  5. And how exactly would you go about doing this?
  6. so are you planning on hosting this map?
  7. ohh how i've learned. i used to be just an industrialcraft2 and Buildcraft expert but now i have knowledge of REDPOWER! . I really hope you guys continue to make things like this and teach us how.
  8. thanks, really big files. im surprised that the site let you host them. most sites draw a line at 100mb ahh thats much better, I can actually read the starting message on the monitors now .
  9. wow, that big! perhaps you could compress it or something. plz help me find a way to play the video offline. All the youtube rippers dont work for me :(
  10. they were, but is it possible for you to put the tutorials for download because i have minecraft on my mac and internet on the family computer
  11. you didnt really confuse me but i watched the video on a mac so poor video quality
  12. ahh, that must be it, but it looked like you used frames in the video
  13. i tried the pulser but it wanst getting a signal from the button even though it was set up the same way as yours
  14. What version of tekkit were you using because when i tried this, the NOR Gate kept getting destroyed. EDIT: I have made my own system just for moving up one floor at a time from inside the elevator but the button i use actually got stuck and sent a constant signal causing me to move up two blocks instead of one. Solution?