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  1. I'm not able to craft linking books or the unlinked linking books from mystcraft. I can't check their crafting recipes in NEI either.
  2. Ok, I think I fixed it. Go ahead and try it out. I can't really try it with 2 or more people at this moment, but I think it should be working.
  3. Ok, I made a temporary fix for the issue. I had to remove the feature to reset the settings and I'm looking into a different way to implement this. Everything should be working though for now. EDIT: Alright, re-added this feature, but it works slightly differently. If you want to reset the settings of the bottom computer, you need to place a lever in front of it like so Just pull the lever and check the computer, it should ask if you wish to reset the settings. Make sure you toggle the lever back off, or just remove it, or else it will ask if you want to reset the settings again. For the top computer everything is the same except you place the lever on top like so
  4. I am looking into this issue so expect an update sometime soon.
  5. Working on fixing this. I may have accidentally left some debug and test code in there that could have caused the errors. EDIT: Ok fixed the problem. The problem was that if you didn't use the key system the program would skip over the first name you entered. I just had to add 2 lines of code to solve the problem. Make sure you break the computer with the sensor on top of it and redownload the program from pastebin to get the latest version. I'm gonna be working on a way to reset the parameters for which the door opens in case you want to change who can enter the door, or maybe add or remove the key system. This change has been now added.
  6. I did test this in game and it looks like I was correct. Yes it is possible to do this by inputting the location of the computer but that can make things less user friendly and less streamlined. I want this program to be easy to use, and the more times the program asks for inputs the higher the chance for mistakes on the user's end. Instead of worrying about using a specific radius why not just use the new key feature I added? That way you can just have the door open at any radius (as long as its in sensor range, which can be massive if using a mark 4 card).
  7. I am aware of this peice of code on the computercraft wiki, but as far as I can tell this won't work. As I described already in a previous post... This code would work if computers knew their coords. I'll break down this code to hopefully show why this does not work. So in the main loop we are using the sensor to look for any entities within its range. Lets say you set this up and your coords are at x = 255,y = 63, and z = -689 (pretty damn normal coords) and you are within the computer's sensor range. This program will take your coords mentioned and subtract the offset of the sensor relative to the computer. These new coords would be x = 254, y = 62, and z = -689. Then it would take these coords and input them into the Pythagoreon theorem. The x coord squared is 64516, y squared is 3844, and z squared is 474721. Next it adds them up which is 543081. Finally it takes this sum, finds its square root which is roughly 737, and then sends this final number to see if it is less than the radius (which in this case is 5). Obviously 737 is not less than or even close to 5. No matter where you stand within this sensor's range it will never even come close to 5. Simply put, this code will not work. As far as adding a way to edit the player white list without having to pick up and place the computer back down I can probably do that.
  8. Check out my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ThatGamingGnome

  9. Well I uploaded the key option to pastebin. It uses the same pastebin as shown in the video so nothing has changed as far as setup is concerned and this new key system is entirely optional and you will be prompted on setup if you want to use it or not.
  10. Alas I don't think there is an "easy" way to implement a custom radius. Sadly both the computers and sensors don't keep track of their own XYZ locations in the world (computers can but you have to setup a complex network of at least 4 computers to triangulate their XYZ coordinates within the world). This makes entering a custom radius pretty much impossible unless I'm missing something within the APIs. The best way to have done this would have been to have the computer or sensor know its location within the world and then check for the player's location in the world. The computer could do some basic maths with the help of Pythagoras theorem to then create a line between yourself and the sensor. Once that line was set you could easily just measure the line and if the line is less then or equal to your custom radius, the door would open. However, I can see where having the default radius of the mark 1 sensor card is a little to big for certain setups so instead of a custom radius I am currently working on alternative to custom radii. I am adding an option that will only open the door if you are within the default radius and are currently holding a specific item of your choice. This way you could stand next to the door and it won't open unless you are holding, for example, a piece of cooked pork. The door will still check if you are even on the white list of people with access to the door. I should have this update done sometime very soon. TL: DR Can't do radius because its fucked, adding alternate shit to make it better
  11. Setting up a customizable radius shouldn't be to hard. I can start working on it in a little bit.
  12. This is a customizable player proximity detecting door that uses computercraft and opencc sensors. It is very easy to setup and doesn't require much computercraft or opencc sensor knowledge to get working. Check out my video to see this in action and how to build it. You can also find the source code in the description of the video. Update 6/15/2013 Temporarily removed the feature to reset settings Readded the feature to reset settings. Just follow the on screen instructions on how to reset the settings Update 5/31/2013 Fixed an error if you weren't using the new key system Added the ability to reset the settings if you want to make changes like add new names, add/remove key system etc etc. Update - 5/28/2013 I added an option to add a "key" to the program. Just set this up as shown in the video but you will now get an extra prompt if you want to use this new key system. This new function will make it so you have to hold a user defined item for the door to open. This can come in handy if you don't want the door to open up even if you are in sensor range.
  13. If you download the latest version of MCEdit it can now handle and retain block IDs up to 4096
  14. If you check out the video I actually mention some of this briefly. I plan on making this program far more robust once computercraft can support the RedNet cables (most likely next update). This program actually used to include alot more with the RP2 bundled cable, but I had to cut all that out for obvious reasons. I hope to add the above mentioned and hopefully I can include a separate computer that will output data onto some graphs, because shit becomes more scientific when there's graphs. I think as far as trying to do this with just iron pipes or anything without the computer is against the point, unless there is some way to ensure engines will not explode with iron pipes.
  15. As the image suggests this is my automated combustion engine regulator. With the help of computercraft and opencc sensors this system will automatically turn off your combustion engines if they are going to explode. Check out the video for a bit more detailed explanation of what this is all about and how you can get this working on your Tekkit world! More pictures available at http://imgur.com/a/bCgVP Startup Program (http://pastebin.com/xq2dzKgs) shell.run("power") Power Program (http://pastebin.com/uSSLzH4n) os.unloadAPI("ocs/apis/sensor") os.loadAPI("ocs/apis/sensor") local prox = sensor.wrap("top") local targets = prox.getTargets() local running = true local water = 0 function engine() --Read data from sensor for k, v in pairs(targets) do --If there are any combustion engines we will read --their internal water tank data if ((v.Name) == "Combustion Engine") then local targetsDetail = prox.getTargetDetails(k) for key, value in pairs(targetsDetail.Tanks) do --We run through every tank checking the water water = (targetsDetail.Tanks[2].Amount) end end end --We compare if the water is greater than 1000 units --If it is not greater we turn off the engines if (water > 1000) then rs.setOutput("back", true) else rs.setOutput("back", false) sleep(3) end sleep(2) end while true do --This checks if the lever is on or off if rs.getInput("front") == true then rs.setOutput("back", false) else engine() end sleep(1) end
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