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  1. Hi, I found this Research table on the NEI and i thought it was something like the one in thaumcraft, but i cant seem to understand what to do With it or how to use it. If anyone knows I would be really happy if you could try to explain it to me :)
  2. Hello I'm not sure if Your Message was for me, but I'm responding anyways I would be happy to join Your server and i tried to visit the page you posted, but i can't seem to come to the page. When I click the link i just get a blank page. If you want me to join even though I can't go to Your page just Message me back :)
  3. Hi, I would like to join Your server because I have never played tekkit on multiplayer and it sounds like a lot of fun I would say that my active gaming hours are a bit like Yours, sometimes an hour or two and sometimes the Whole day. Even though my main Language isn't English i still think I'm quite good in it ( atleast compared to others in my country ). And btw, i got skype. Age: 18 Country: Norway Time zone: I think i am GMT +2, but im not sure In game name: YoBoyZ I hope i hear from you soon
  4. Forum Name: Safety Water IGN: YoBoyZ Age: 18 Country: Norway Have you ever been banned: No If you could be any superhero or villain, who would it be and why?: Iron Man because he is a really good mechanic and his house looks awesome :P
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