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  1. Okay, so as I play, it seems if I empty the Smeltery of the liquid currently on the bottom it fixes it. Still, is there a way I can prevent it?
  2. So I have been playing for a while and I notice that every once in a while, the liquids in the Smeltery don't show up, therefore I can't bring some to the bottom. They are still there, when I look in the Smeltery I still see the metals and when I look at the controller WAILA still says there is some in there but I can't see it in the GUI so i can't bring certain ones to the bottom. It seems to fix itself after a while but is there a way to fix it manually and/or prevent it?
  3. And maybe the "My People" mod. I love cloning myself!
  4. Tekkit Classic is superior!

  5. I feel that tekkit lite could use some enhancement. Post the mods that you feel should be added here. I feel that since tekkit lite uses EE3 and no longer has energy condensers and most of the other Equivalent Exchange items from tekkit classic that we know and love, the creators should add Minechem to the mod list. I remember having to search the world for obsidian and glowstone to make my power flowers. with minechem, you can duplicate items, but with the feel of science! plus, some of the chemicals are fun. If you play Minechem, drink some Methanphedamine or some testosterone. it's fun!!!
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