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  1. I would also like to help out what is your skype name?
  2. I would like to apply for a staff position as I am a perfect minecraft citizen and like to help out server in stopping minecraft crime and griefing. I am a didicated player and would come on the server everyday day( with some exceptions if i am on holiday). I would like to help other minecraft players and even those who dont know a lot of tekkit or minecraft and i would like to help them settle in to this server. As soon as someone joins I would WELCOME! them in nice bold caps. I am 18 and have had some experience in running a server as i have been admin on a server called mcdemoncraft (vanill
  3. IGN : nab66 AGE :18 COUNTRY : England why do you want to join : I am looking for small community server with not many players and i want to make some cool building using tekkit items, I have never griefed and hated greifers. I am a good helpful and nice minecraft citizen and I hope you would like to play with me on this server *sorry if spelling is bad i have never been good at it. If you got banned (MCBANS):I have never been banned and my record would like to stay that way.
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