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  1. Helper Application: Username: Trickster20 Full name (optional): Braxton Westbrook Age (be honest, I don't really care if you are young as long as you know your stuff): 13 ... I know my stuff Email (you can IM me this): I'll IM you that Attack of the B Team Experience: Played since around 2 hours after it came out (I'm not lying) Have you been part of a staff team before?: I own my own vanilla server, and am staff on 1 Hexit server.
  2. IGN: Trickster20 Why you want to play: To have fun and help to improve this server in every way I can. Faction Name: Hmm, I'm not sure yet, Probably will be EnigmaCorp Bringing Friends?: I will be sure to tell them about this server! Skype/msn (if possible): braxtonsw Where you're from (country): The US Age: 12 (about to be 13)
  3. IGN: Trickster20 Voltz Skill: 4-6.5 How long have you played voltz? : I have played Universal Electricity + a few other related mods for 5-6 months, Voltz itself about 1 month. Could You Donate: Yeah, sure!
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