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  1. hello, iv'e played hexxit and big dig and both had this happen, someone has rift blade and spawns the rifs everywhere in spawn, its impossible to stop the rift from opening fro ma blade unless its banned, so ban the rift blade they are very destructive
  2. ALTHOUGH that stuff is banned, i have played for about 3 to 4 years, and i see why some of that stuff is banned, bug griefs bug dupes, But is tupe stuff banned because it just is corrupt in your world? or is it just so people don't connect some EE with buildcraft and crashing it, and one last thing, i know its annoying when people ask is they can be staff, as an admin on my own modpack and vanilla minecraft it really is. my tekkit is taking forever just to update, but how many staff members do you have?
  4. Yea but dont be planting redwood, or our chunk will be corrupt
  5. Brandon the server is 100% down 100% of the time for me, does the server have a new ip?
  6. Brandon is says the server is 100% down all the time for me, is there a new IP?