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  1. What the HELL is wrong with this server? im only looking at the comments and it seems to have a TON of errors, and please tell me you can craft wood now... anyway, im going to try it out but if i have as many errors as this, im out... sorry... PM me when the server is better if im not on...
  2. Is it just me or has the owner, falcon, just outright ignored everyone past page 3-4 and has just stopped greylisting people... I would say either keep trying, or find another server guys... that's just my opinion...
  3. - What is your in game name(minecraft username)?- epicness21 - Name one rule of the server.- no 1x1 towers and keep structures realistic. - Why do you want to join the server?- I want to join because any server I join is either lagging, or has OP admins who are just mean. (when i say mean i really want to say something else, something worse about them) I can tolerate some chat crap that they could write about me, but when they follow me from spawn while invisible, and spawn skeletons around the corner, thus killing me, or x-ray my base and blow it up, i'm most certainly out of that server. Anyway, I would want a lag-free server, with helpful and nice admins, with little to no banned items so that i can build an epic base with awesome defenses. - What do you expect from the server?- I would like, again, a lag-free server, with a nice population, nice and cooperative people, good admins, with a nice terrain. Oh, I almost forgot, NO GREIFERS. Everyone hates them, and if gun turrets and stuff aren't banned, I may have a chance to defend myself. lol.
  4. Also, i forgot to mention, it has been five days. Yet you manage to promise a reply in 24 Hours.
  5. Ks7, I am sick and tired of waiting for you to review my many tries for re-application! I very truly want to be on this server but I have no chance at being on if you don't review my application! Please review it now!
  6. Hello, i love your ad for this amazing-looking server and would love to join. im sick and tired of cocky mods who think their gods because of their anti-matter missiles (which weirdly are banned) and having op'd mods who love to steal your stuff... i like this modpack... and i like quiet servers... if you could, please add me, epicness21, and my friend coolgoldboy150. we hope to make youtube videos on this server. if he is required to apply also, thats okay just to add me but if you could add the both of us that would be just wonderful... IGN: epicness21 Friend's IGN: coolgoldboy150 Thank You For Your Consideration
  7. Thank you! Two things... 1. Did you accept my friends that i posted about in my application? 2. Whats the IP? You can answer these questions by PM to me and i will be on my way!
  8. my name is a description of me

  9. username: epicness21 Age: 14 Location: USA, FL Minecraft Experience to date: 2 years with high amounts of vanilla, big dig, volts, tekkit galactic, tekkit classic, and feed the beast ultimate, ftb direwolf20, ftb mindcrack pack. Ever Banned?: yeah, once, but that was because of a conflict with some immature admins so that banned me saying "dont be a fu**ing douche. Why this server?: a common question among whitelist servers, so there's always the common answer. I need a decent server to play on because all of the other ones for big dig just royally suck. I also think i would be ideal for the staff position in the future because of lots of experience. i wouldn't be a warlord like others and launch missiles at everybody... but rather help people by giving small supplies but nothing major like a nuclear reactor or something. i can also help people with their builds if they want some. i can see this is a very good server with a 257 ms. ping from where i live. i like this server and i hope you will allow me in!
  10. forgot to mention, im sorry, but i have skype and i am very flexible to whom i add to my contacts and call! so yeah... big skype guy!
  11. builder/mod (but i dont need to be) epicness21 i think this server holds potential, this is a server worthy of the name, and this is a server that i think will allow me to be able to extend my creativity unlike other servers whom restrict it. please accept this application because i love this modpack and would like to be a builder/mod on a server of which cares about it's players. this server looks amazing to wrap it up! if you could... (if you cant its fine) i have my friend here, coolgoldboy150, and, Nate8946, they want to join too! but if you cant allow them to join w/o an application, thats okay. but please do if you could. that would be amazing. i will probably be doing youtube so this server will help by having great ping time. using CMD i pinged your server and i got like 957 ms! great connectivity and im guessing no lag. love it and please put me in!
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