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  1. yo I need help with the sever its changed or soming

  2. Ummm idk why I cant join now its weird it says forge mod loader can not be found did you change the mods or somin help please
  3. what texture pack I tried to down load when I logged in the first time but it no work so I know what the name of the texture pack is but what are the details its not loading all in for me only mobs and sky and chest not ground and stuff
  4. Team Name:the darkknights Name:CodysUniverse If more than one member, Names: nope forever Why should you join?: I am a Dedicated and hard worker in Voltz I played on many other severs before and they all ended like this either a little annoying kid greffing everything with nukes or red matter bombs or the sever goes down due to the lack of help and funding. I always try to donate to a sever that is good and I enjoy I have no problem paying a little money for a game I enjoy to keep it up. Do you realize this is a server without Plugins?: yes I realize this thank you hope you add me thanks
  5. If you are interested answer the following questions: – Age 16 – Explain your meaning of fun griefing: well I don't find fun in destroying someone's hard work really – Why do you wanna join? I would like to kona fun sever where I could have fun and enjoy. I work well with others and have extencive knolage of the voltz mod user: CodysUniverse
  6. yah sounds fun love to join put real ip please lol cant join
  7. Age:16 How Long Playing Tekkit: ong time but so many things lots of stoff Ever Been Banned From a Server: nope never If Yes, Why?: nope oh my in game user is CodysUniverse
  8. Minecraft Account: CodysUniverse Age: 16 Headset/Mic: Yes And why you like to join the Private server: well want some one to play with bored. I have good knowledge of this mods and stuff lol maybe see you of Skype but first need to know how old u. not to be a weird or anything
  9. -16 -pacific time United states -played Voltz for a long time know how to make everything and stuff lol -well I just want to go to a sever with no bullshit or lag it get tiring after a while of all the greffing and f***ing little kid messing up everything -I work best in groups and preform best in a pack and not so much as a stand alone guy -Yes and lol I didn't read this one before righting the last one. and I would love to join your sever I am a really trust worthy guy... I love just fun PVP action I think it good completive fun and great add on to a already fun game and the line from fun pvp and Greffing is huge there is no point comparing the two, Greffing is just destroying someone's hard work for shets and giggles and I hate that so much. there is no reason to Greffing someone at all. so yah hope I can join your sever it sounds really fun and thanks for reading MY name is Cody C. User name: CodysUniverse
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