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  1. Mtwittma what is the server u applied for i cant find it!

  2. IGN: mtwittma Age: 18 Country/Timezone: Central US Tekkit Experience: I have knowledge of every mod except computercraft. Though some I know better than others. Reason for joining: I'm simply looking for a good server to play on. Have you read the rules: Yes I have read the rules. How long have you played tekkit: I started playing tekkit back when the forestry mod was still included but took a break after the release of 3.0. What you feel you can contribute: I feel I can contribute a lot if you allow me a chance to prove it. Time you can contribute to the server: I can contribute at le
  3. Ingame username: mtwittma Age: 18 Are you experienced in tekkit? I have a lot of experience involving tekkit but not experience with all the mods. Do you wish to play on cubenation? Yes, I am interested in playing on cubenation. We are also looking for staff, are you willing to help? I can help if you really need it but am not really interested in staff at the moment.
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