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  1. Minecraft Username: moppy21 Time Zone: centrel Reason for Applying: To have fun on tekkit clasic Do you plan on staying: If I enjoy myself on this server I will. Opinion on Explosions: I HATE explosions. Thats how my builds always get destroyed. Are you a nice person: Yes I am a nice person. :D
  2. IN GAME NAME: moppy21 AGE: 14 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: I like to help people out if they ask for it and I am friendly and easygoing. TIMEZONE: Centrel EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY: No TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: About 1 year or so.
  3. IGN: moppy21 Age:18 Reason For Applying: I played on non-white listed servers for awhile and I always got griefed. Have You Ever Been Banned? If Yes Why: Nope. Build Style: I like to build houses in survival and help other players with their ideas if they ask for help.
  4. Minecraft Name: moppy21 Age: 14 Country: America Why do you want to join: I want to join this server because I love tekkit classic. If you got banned (MCBANS), explain your bans: Nope
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