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  1. oh man thank you, i just started to figure out those options.
  2. do you think you could provide me a link to download the mod-pack used for this? I believe the voltz modpack is outdated or something.
  3. Name:Booney age:23 eastern pacific United States. -I have watched quite a few video tutorials on how some of the volts collection works. -I know the difference between stupid griefing and fun griefing from first-hand experience. I would love to find a friendly and helpful pvp server. I want to have massive battles that make up an epic war. In order to do that each side of the war has to advance and be successful. so helping each-other accomplish tasks to further our own agendas would be a very cool way to experience this multiplayer. If you decide to invite me I would be delighted to become a part of your group.
  4. -age 23 -fun griefing, to me, is when people work together to grief other peoples base or fort/factions etc. however it isnt just griefing. It is working together to get things accomplished to be able to advance enough to have a fun and challenging battle between a rival faction/base who is also as advanced as you are(technologically speaking). -I would like to join because I have not found a fun and friendly multiplayer server that is pvp and pve. I would really enjoy being able to be a part of a small group of helpful and friendly and competitive players. -Username:MrJiggyFly9
  5. -age-23 - My meaning of fun griefing is being able to enjoy building up a bit of a base with an arsenal and some treasure. Then others will have similar ideas and you can then begin to stage a war between your base and their base or factions or what-have you. The war would include destruction of structures, raiding and killing. I like it to be in a friendly manner though. -I would like to join because I have played multiplayer servers that are pvp and not many that have been pve as well, so I have found that people are relentless with newcomers. as far as tracking them to where the safe zone ends and kill them to take their gear. I would just really enjoy being a part of a small group of friendly people who work together to be able to have fun intense battles on large scales. without the constant set-backs from the player set out to steal from people. -username: MrjiggyFly9
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