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  1. Hello everyone i have crawled out of the dark depths i was in to come back on the server. It's been so long since I've been on. (I wonder how much has changed.)
  2. one of the reasons (in my opinion) is that they kinda limit you to small areas with the grief protection zone and they don't really help you. Edit- i know this argument is over just thought id throw in my 2 cents
  3. ive also been playing terraria and host my own server if any of you guys would like to join send a message
  4. oooohhh the irony i leave big dig for a while waiting for lag to be fixed, find out its tekkit, and then start lagging again could it be any worse
  5. hey guys ive been gone for awhile because i keep crashing have any problems been resolved if they have then ill be back on very soon but until then good luck you guys and havee fun
  6. tub i tried all that and it still crashes(i also dont have 4gigs or 64bit)what do i do
  7. oh my god people stop posting crash reports here its annoying scrolling past a paragraph junk