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  1. IGN: PC_The_Emperor Age: 18 Location: DK Minecraft experience: been playing since beta release, i dont have much experience in technic, but my partner, lordgreger, is the scientist, and im the architecht Short paragraph: im creative, love to build, though i have a tendency to go far away, and start building there (i might have a minor phobia for griefers). I would like to join because i haven't been succesfull in finding a server that has enough uptime, and little lag, for me. Anything else: well, obviously i know Greger very well, i care a lot about rules, like griefing, verbal abuse, etc. i am very friendly
  2. Hey, i would like to be a law enforcer, though i think you need more if you need it to work, depending on the population. I would like to be a builder as well if you need it but how often is the server down?
  3. Hey, love your server, a real shame such few ppl are on it :/ 2 thing: why is the server down all the time? yes i have a lot of time on my hands xD and 2: some food is bugged, i have only tried bread and coockies. They restore all your stamina, and after a couple of seconds, your stamina goes back to the amount before.
  4. - What is your in game name(minecraft username)? PC_The_Emperor - Name one rule of the server. NO GRIEFING - Why do you want to join the server? my friends are playing on it, and they say it's reeeaaally good, and i dont like playing alone :'( - What do you expect from the server? rich with opportunity to build underground, and no griefing
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