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  1. Since it looks like an error on installation only (for now) and noone knows why, I went ahead and uploaded a fresh install on my google drive. Unzip it in your "AppData\Roaming\.technic" folder if you're on Windows (to access AppData, type %appdata% in windows explorer's address bar). After that, try launching hexxit and see it it works.
  2. What about my willing? I'd love to have friends, but I can never understand these applications :(
  3. I wasn't blaming you. The wiki offers more options for formatting (proper sections *gasp*) than these forums.
  4. I reset my pack and redownloaded it just before posting so unless it was a one-time error when he tried to install it, it's not the server.
  5. As it is right now this thread is pretty useless, as it won't reduce the bug report spam we get in this section. There are no mention of the most common crashes (RAM, unknown character '' in file, etc.), nor any answers to the most common questions (ore depth, "wtf is that floating thing"). The effort is nice, but IMO it would be better to move this to a wiki page where everyone can contribute, as well as have better formatting.
  6. Do you have any antivirus/firewall/other security software? Your download might be blocked by those, which causes the launcher to hang because it's not receiving the files. If that's not it, then I have no idea what's causing it. My only other recommendation would be to delete your local techniclauncher data and retry.
  7. What version of java are you using? If you don't know, go to this page. How long are you letting it load? Modpacks take a while to load and while it's loading, the window appears "frozen". Might need to give it more time. Last question: did you modify the pack in any way? More often than not, that'd be the cause of the error. I'd guess not from your first post, but better make sure now rather than facepalm later.
  8. If by "this" you mean ores at any depth then read the thread. Edit: ninja'd by someone much kinder than me. Good for you :)
  9. Assign more RAM to your game/server and increase permgen. If it's your client that's crashing, click the gear on top of the launcher. For a server, your launcher script should look like this:
  10. Computer components are fairly resistant to electrostatic discharges (ESD) so using bare hands is fine most of the time, but an easy precaution to take while building a computer is to connect the PSU to the ground (plug it in) then touch it's metal casing every few minutes. That should safely discharge most electric charge you accumulate from your clothes. Though if you have access to an antistatic wristband, that's preferable. Remember to place the wristband's ground on the same one the computer is using, otherwise it's useless. That means it has to be connect in so way to the case/PSU. A common mistake is to connect the wristband to a random grounded item, while the computer isn't grounded: that won't eliminate ESDs. /safetytip from a computer engineer. Never hurts to be careful when playing with your new toys edit: mega ninja'd. I'm so late to the party
  11. You're the 6th person reporting this error this week. I wish we had a FAQ or bug report forum. As HalestormXV pointed, it's most likely an oddity in one of your files (see the quoted part of your bug report below). If deleting/redownloading fixes your pack, I'd appreciate you post back with your fix because no one else has answered to the other threads. Even better, if you could upload that file first I'd like to run some tests on it to find the cause of the error, rather than just a fix.
  12. How do you get your first axe then? I also don't see how it would encourage more exploration, as it won't change much for mining: it'd still be as easy to mine iron/diamonds/etc as long as you have a pickaxe.
  13. Use your minecraft username and password. Same one you used to buy the game at minecraft.net. If you forgot your password, there's a "Forgot password" option at minecraft.net.
  14. Couldn't bother to search before posting? http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/crash-please-help.48692/ http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/crashes-when-i-try-to-open-a-world.48582/
  15. Try using the search function before posting. Here's what I found after a few minutes of searching (probably got ninja'd). If you look close enough, one of those threads also has instructions on how to "fix" (disable) this. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/hexxit-infinite-xp.47416/ http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/infinite-xp-in-hexxit-this-should-be-fixed.48113/ http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/bugs-exp-dupe-id-conflict.47599/#post-390911 http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/xp-enchantment-glitch-fixed.48210/
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