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  1. I'll take a shot. I've got Skype, I speak English (and a little German), and I can play pretty often, provided we're in the same time zone, buddy.
  2. Wait, you're trying to add a modpack onto a modpack? That won't work. Tekkit Classic changes item values (using one value, then a damage value) and might interfere with the item value changes made to the foodpack...
  3. You need to make sure you've run tekkit once. Go to %APPDATA%.technicmodpackstekkitmain Put "Core" Mods (i.e. .jar files labeled Core) in the Coremods folder in that directory, put mods compatible with forge mod loader in the mods folder. If you want to install Optifine (or something that can't be installed via FML), do it the old fashioned way, but put the files into the Modpack.jar in the Bin folder.
  4. It would be easier if instead of slowly listing specs that you'd give us a pastebin DxDiag. Press "Windows Key + R" then type in "dxdiag" and press enter. If on the system information tab it says "64-bit" click the "run in 64-bit mode" button near help. Press "Save All Information..." and save it somewhere then upload it either on pastebin or on media fire. Most likely, you probably just need to disable a few settings in the video card to let multicore setting for OptiFine to work (Disable Threaded Optimization /OpenGLThreading).
  5. Remember to use your E-mail address if you have linked your Minecraft account with your Mojang account
  6. You probably visited a phishing site. The technic launcher only does the following: downloads player skin, checks username/pass combination with minecraft, LOCALLY saves username, LOCALLY saves password (if enabled). The only thing I can suggest is that you do the password making for dummies: don't use the same password for every account on any site you go to.
  7. Well, I'll keep this here as reference for people who can't seem to find the wiki even when they can find the forum >__> EDIT: Here you go
  8. It's a rare drop off of most mobs. Some heads can be worn.
  9. I have this funny suspicion that something is wrong with the servers keeping the technic pack downloadable.
  10. Install mods to the modpack.jar; make sure you are installing the right version and edition for your system! (1.5.2)
  11. Started a bug report thread. Everything unoffcial :)

  12. Your computer specs? (Windows Key + X) -> System -> Windows Experience Index -> View and print detailed performance and system information. It could be that you probably have to re-install something as I've never encountered the problem (exception: trying to load a wicked sick shaders mod with an HD texture pack loaded )
  13. You should assign at least 350 MB to it, or if you are using a shader/HD texture pack, assign closer to a GB.
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