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  1. On 1.3.13 build I am using the latest build and have found a bug possibly, when trying to access my indexer for the extra bee's mod, my minecraft crash's. Reason: incompatible world tick? will post error report if required. Also the fusion machine which is built with the projector and the blueprints does not seem to want to accept any items in it, we have the nether star and some chemicals, but it messes about with inventory, removing armour and other things, but never stays in the fusion machine? any ideas?
  2. I have been harvesting the Magical crops with Planter/fertilizer/harvester. so far they all seem to work, the only thing i have found out is that normal bonemeal/fertlizer (blue stuff) industrial fertilizer does not work. BUT the magical fertilizer does work (requires 8 bonemeal & 1 diamond) for 8 i think fertlizer.
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