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  1. Application Form: Name:Jack Minecraft Username:Gandaf132 Age:I'd prefer not to tell Preffered Tekkit Mod: IC2 Are you banned in any server(Y/N):yes and no. I was banned on false charges. Extra:I am great with IC2 power and wiring (except with nuclear reactors) and I like whitelisted servers, when I am accepted that is
  2. Thanks, I guess I will find a server that won't reject me because of my age. Thank you for considering me.
  3. Age:10 1/2 (please don't reject me because of my age, I am mature most of the time unlike some 10 year-olds) In game name: Gandaf132 Location in USA: Richmond VA Reason why you want to join: I like whitelisted servers because it stops griefers and thiefes and other bad types of players. Plus I hate large servers with a ton of people. A little about your self:I have been playing MC for about 3-4 years and tekkit for about 1 year. I like redstone and TNT, and I play soccer and love Christmas. Previous Servers:I have been on so many servers trying to look for good ones. It gets boring. A
  4. IGN (In Game Name):Gandaf132 Age (Optional):9 Why are you looking to join the server? What can you bring to the server? :I like small servers were you can actually make friends and not get killed by a 100 people. I can make a factory plus I'm a good builder. Tell me about your play style? (i.e: How long have you been playing minecraft/tekkit? What types of things do you like to do?):I like parkor and getting automated stuff and factory. I have tekkit EXP but I still don't perfectly understand it Tell me a bit about yourself?:
  5. (name)Jack (age)9(please don't say no because of my age) (Skype)no (why you want to join) I hate most large servers. on small ones you can make friends and builb more stuff and get to know people and work together or fight, but it's fun+I can contribute. (IGN) Gandaf132
  6. Jack Gandaf132 9 (please don't deny me because of my age) Industrial craft/Build craft Yes,but they thuogt I was Hacking to fly, but i was running a got hit by a knock-back sword
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