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  1. "Failed to login:Bad login" Is usually when a player with cracked minecraft attempts to join a premium server.
  2. Thanks for the aswer guys, its really helpful!
  3. I keep getting lava and sludge in my quarries, and I have no idea on how to get it away. I've tried to remove it manually, by going down into my quarry and blocking the lava or filling water over my quarry, but those methods takes long time, and they're dangerous. The source block for the liquids are often outside the quarry boundaries, so the liquid just run right back into the quarry. So.... Are there any ways to get rid of liquids in quarries easily?
  4. IGN: TheEr1k000 Age: 14 Experience with Tekkit: I know the basics... How long you have been playing for: I've played vanilla for two years, and tekkit for one week. What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): I know everything that is to know about vanilla. Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I'm nice to every person I see, and I try to help people whenever I can.
  5. Hey, Quibick griefed, stole from me and claimed many of my belongings. Can you please help me.
  6. Minecraft IGN: TheEr1k000Age: 14, almost 15 Gender: Male Location: Oslo, Norway Why do you want to play on T4?: I'm curious, and I'm hoping to learn the basic stuff about tekkit, as I am newbeginner with tekkit. Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: Recently I played on another server, but there were never staff online, and griefing was a huge problem, that's why I quitted. Other than that, I've only played on Vanilla servers.
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